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2013 Submissions

4 minutes Alone Heavy Metal Song
The Nye Experiments Dubstep Loop
Auto-Destruct Dubstep Song
>To the Point< Dubstep Song
The Horsemen(WIP) Dubstep Song
Keepin' It Classy Final Dubstep Song
Keepin it classy Dubstep Song
Brain Transplant Dubstep Loop
10 round mag. Heavy Metal Song
A Quick Chuggg Heavy Metal Song
extra crizby 2 Dubstep Loop
Our First Blood Heavy Metal Song
The March of the Damned Heavy Metal Song
403productions&Freelanceinc Dubstep Song
du!3 Dubstep Song
just simple Hip Hop - Modern Loop
I am... revised Dubstep Song
3xtra cr1zby Dubstep Song
dubnetics style Dubstep Song
403 productions Freelance inc Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hybrid heaven Techno Song
HipHOPcrACY Hip Hop - Modern Loop
For those who care2 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Something? Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Stoner heaven Hip Hop - Modern Song
Eyes of Sorrow Hip Hop - Modern Song
Eminem Remix Hip Hop - Modern Loop